Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2015.

1. Analysis of the Impact of Taxation of Business Entities on the Innovative Development of the Country

Andrey NECHAEV and Oksana  ANTIPINA



2. Capital Flows to Turkey: Multivariate VAR Approach

Dervis KIRIKKALELI, Ilhan BORA, and Asım VEHBI



3. Revisiting the Hysteresis Hypothesis in Unemployment in Selected Emerging Economies

Qaiser MUNIR and Kok Sook CHING



4. Investigating Customer Orientation Impact upon Business Performance and Competitive Advantage: Evidence from the Accommodation Industry

Melissa Li Sa LIOW and Kim Chai YEOW



5. The Impact of Age Structure on Household Saving: An Empirical Investigation In Three South Asian Economies

Oscar T. BROOKINS, Mohsin H. AHMAD, Naved AHMAD, and Noman SAEED



6. Probing the Efficacy of Social Business as the New Kind of Capitalism in Alleviating Poverty

Mustafa KAMAL and Ebney Ayaj RANA



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