Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2014.

 1. An Analysis of Demand for Oil Products in Middle East Countries




 2. Contemporary Marketing Issues in Takaful

Syed Ahmed SALMAN



3. The Effect of Inflation and Interest Rate on Turkish Banking System’s Incomes

Ercan OZEN and Metin TETIK



 4. Portfolio Behavior in a Flow of Funds: Extended Model for the Household Sector in the ME Countries:

Bashar Al-ZU’BI and Khalid AL-ZU’BI



5. Stock Market Interlinkages among the Two Largest Emerging Economies of Asia – The Case of India and China

A.Senthil KUMAR and Dr.V. SRIVIDYA



6. Impact of Size and Ownership Structure on Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Tanzania: Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Zuhura M. ABDALLAH, Mohamad A. Md AMIN, Nur Azura SANUSI, Suhal KUSAIRI



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