Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2014.

1. Causality Relationships between Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Economic Growth: Results from a Multi-Country Study




 2. The Dynamic Linkages of Budget Deficits and Current Account Deficits Nexus in EU Countries: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Test

Süleyman BOLAT, Furkan EMIRMAHMUTOGLU, and Murat BELKE



3. Output Convergence of Exported Milk Products in Northern Cyprus

Ayşem ÇELEBİ and Hüseyin ÖZDEŞER



4. Gold: an Economic Pillar in Dubai

Donelda S. MCKECHNIE and Jim GRANT



5. Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments and Transition Countries of the Western Balkans

Safet KURTOVIC, Jadranka Đurović TODOROVIC, and Boris SILJKOVIC



6. Effect of Credit Constraint on Profit of Small Scale Rice-Based Farmers in Niger State, Northwestern

Odu Olusola O. and Okoruwa V. O.



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