Volume 7, Issue 3, 5-13.

How to Design Nationally Strategic R&D Plans? Employing a MCDM Model


TÜBİTAK, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Marmara Research Center, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey. Phone: +90-262-6772275, E-mail: hatice.karahan@tubitak.gov.tr.


According to the endogenous growth theory, economic development which is mainly driven by productivity growth is determined by the rate of technological progress, in the long run. A good number of studies that empirically tested this relationship reported a positive effect of research and development (R&D) activities on productivity growth and hence on economic performance, especially for developing countries. However, the way to determine the strategic R&D areas which constitute the essential component of effective national policies still remains ambiguous. Therefore, this paper attempts to model an index for this purpose, based on a multi-decision criteria model (MCDM), namely Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), by using an import-approach. The index developed presents a straightforward method for the decision makers of import-dependent developing countries to identify the most strategic sectors in terms of technological improvement to invest the most R&D on.

JEL Classification: C44; O20; O21; O30; O32; O38.

Key Words: R&D; Strategic Sectors; Imports; Index; Decision Making Models; MCDM; AHP.


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