Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2012.

1. Testing CAPM for the Istanbul Stock Exchange

M. Halim DALGIN, Keshav GUPTA, and Abdulwahab SRAIHEEN



2. Forecasting Returns of the TA-25 Index using the Options Exchange

Ayoub MAHMOD and Gil COHEN



3. Application of Architectural Optimization with Photovoltaic Cells in İzmir

Ahmet AKDENIZ and Ismail ARSEL



4. The relationship between dynamic price and dynamic unemployment: the case of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand




5. Through Which Channels Can Remittances Spur Economic Growth in MENA Countries?

Sami Ben HIM and Mohamed Sami Ben ALI



6. The Role of Oil and Gas Sector for the Economy of Kazakhstan




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