Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2011

1. Does Government Expenditure Affect Tax Revenue? A Case Study of Pakistan

Naved AHMAD, Shahid ALI, and Somia IRAM



2. Globalization and United States’ Intra-Industry Trade

Nuno Carlos LEITÃO



3. The Estimation of Central Bank Interest Decisions as a Dichotomous Variable

Yossi SAADON, Nissim BEN-DAVID, and Uri BEN-ZION



4. Blurring the Formal/Informal Economy Divide: Beyond a Dual Economies Approach




5. A Guidance Framework for Developing Pro-Poor Value Chain

Shah Md. Ahsan HABIB



6. Contractual Choice in Apartment Markets: The Confluence of Economics and Institutions in Korea

Travis K. TAYLOR and Wonseok WOO



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