Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2010

1. Assessing Monetary Policy Rule in Turkey

Obid KHAKIMOV, Levent ERDOGAN, and Nilgun Caglarirmak USLU



2. A Study on the Effects of Information Technologies and Technology Management on Increasing the Quality of Service in Hospitals

Mahmut TEKIN and Ceyhun KILINÇ



3. Is There a Synergetic Link among Coops? Investigating the Relationship between Financial and Non-financial Cooperatives

Francesca GAGLIARDI and Francesco TRIVIERI



4. Causality between Money and Inflation in the Nigerian Economy

Omoke Philip CHIMOBI



5. The Macroeconomy and Turkish Agricultural Trade Balance with the EU Countries: Panel ARDL Analysis

Ekrem ERDEM, Bulent GULOGLU, and Saban NAZLIOGLU



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