Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2009

1. The Hazard of  Starting the Smoking Habit among Canadian Population




2. Financial Development and Investment: Cointegration and Causality Analysis for the Case of Turkey

Şaban NAZLIOĞLU, Abdullah YALAMA, and Murat ASLAN



3. An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of High Oil Prices on Economic Growth of Oil-Importing African Countries

Emmanuel ANORUO and Uchenna ELIKE



4. Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Intensity of Market Participation among Smallholder Yam-Based System Farmers in Oyo North Area of Nigeria

Cecilia NWIGWE, Victor OKORUWA, Blaise NKAMLEU, Olawale ONI, and Abayomi OYEKALE



5. A Hedonic Analysis of Used Car Prices in Turkey

Cumhur ERDEM and İsmail ŞENTÜRK



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